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make here your selection of our six unique services.



Metamorphosis full program to get to that final result you always longed for
Limited cases a year, 97 % corporate result
To start from 1 000,- a month till 22 000,- for a project


For professionals and lovers of the wellness and fitness industry. Always wanted to be the best at your job? You want to be a full time successful personal trainer?
The best get selected to become part of The Dictator® staff

Membership continuity program

Personal training and/or control visits for maintaining your results also in the future
During a monthly control visit a general screening, sport, medical testing and mental coaching are performed.
Personal training for that extra personal edge


Looking for that gym consulting company? Helena Herbosch will make your concept look better and sell better which can give your gym that extra competitive edge. H3 is a game changer.
Helena HerboscH is a full time professional since 2004, being the only self-made young feminine entrepreneur working 7 on 7 as a nutrition, health and personal trainer on European level.

Flying life coach

Wellness activities on location for the entire family! Program custom made for your family, on a location chosen by you, sport and wellness related, also cooking and nutrition training, professional support, no strangers involved
Price differ from case to case; 20 000,- euro till 500 000,- euro per week


Offer your staff some nutrition knowledge activities so they are more happy and efficient people in your company
The art of giving lifestyle workshops in a comfortable environment – full concept day training or workshops
2 000,- euro a day

All prices excl. VAT

we are sorry we can only serve 1% of population

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Engage to the exclusionary club of ‘the great’ - a lifetime of exquisite indulgences. the practice of Helena HerboscH® knows no limits to make you a masterpiece. it is a true world of lifestyle enhancement that cannot be replicated - it’s her goal and responsibility to our society.

Every tailor-made journey is unique and comes with different demands. Besides creating your desired body and image, Helena offers many additional services to make a difference in her clients’ lives.

Every member can request a private cook, grocery shopper and detailed courses for nutrition supervisors or conciergerie. And why not? Having your trainer flying over.

Helena Herbosch ® does all the behind the curtains preparation of what is called “the top”. In order to make you the best version possible – one first has to get rid of many things as bad habits or diseases to reach the next level of performance. Men, women and youth all suffer from different issues whether it is menopause, arthritis, thyroid issues, hormone problems, excess fat, diabetes or another illness that modern medication often cannot cure.

+ Helena HerboscH® has a special management for models, fitness athletes and artists. Helena HerboscH®  designs a method for success adapted to the focus of her client. In concours, there is no difference in talent between being first or second. 
  Helena HerboscH® sees the difference. she offers a total package sur mesure that guarantees the best results possible – an overall improvement of nutrition, training, health and a full look & image reestablishment. this is everything one would learn in a university for superstardom.


Every case is approached individually, without age limit.

This is the gift of Helena – the future is strong smart serious


*Our USP: global network and no age limit / no product sale, real food programs / no trends, no diets – family orientated / long term results thanks to a full education on all three systems; physical, mental, emotional. (cfr. Maintenance phase guarantees life quality and stability) / Helena Herbosch never stops investing in knowledge / many goal approaches: losing weight – gaining weight – health issues – work and sport optimization – business training – courses – Vo2 max testing – measurements / no bull shit or marketing related information

it’s easier to change religious believes than changing someone’s dietary habits


None. But if you have a question contact us

Helena HerboscH® is your notary of health


If you are a private person you can book your first contact with the private practice:
+32 477 75 28 22 

New *** three weeks maximum waiting list thanks to our new intake formula


If you are that professional Helena HerboscH® is looking for, please contact the admin department of the private practice for more inquiries:
(you have an interest for the b-to-b services, or you are looking for investing in a new industry, or you want to set up a the dictator® franchise formula)

+32 477 75 28 22 

human contact has become a luxury – Helena HH

official headquarters


H3 private practice (full concept formula)
The Academy
Corporate day training


For that perfect life, H3 goes that extra mile:
Oostburg – Gent – Brussels – Brugge – Antwerp – Roeselare – Charleroi


Depending on the active clientele of that moment:
Italy, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, …


**new office coming soon**
LUX VILLE H3 private practice

strong smart serious

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