When you buy a coffee in the Dictator®’s clubhouse, a coffee is paid in advance and offered to someone else. It is based on the ‘caffè sospeso’, a tradition from Naples (Italy) that Helena loves.

Helena HerboscH donates clothes and toys for children in need nearby her own local environment since 15 years.
She also invests in people who really want a change in their life. Her selection is purely based on her gut feeling.

With time, she wants to do more and invest in

  • education for children like etiquette, lifestyle, nutrition, financial wisdom,confidence and independence training through entertainment and humor

  • child care 0-3 y: paleolithic food method with schooling   

  • after school care 3-7 y: 24/24, with tutorship.

  • Searching a long term solution formoms juggling their career with children

Helena strongly believes that by giving more to others unconditionally our energy shifts on a higher level where you become more. If you want to sponsor a program for a person or donate for a cause nearby, then she is glad to fulfill the role to be that trustworthy person to take up that role. 

So if you want to Leave a seed of goodness in the hearts of valuable people because you are an exceptional human being too, who loves the world and everything on it, and also the bad stuff that you would like to change, then you can make a difference together with Helena to go that extra mile for enhancing other people’s life.

Every dotation can be made on the following account : BE63 0359 2073 0408, communication: ‘philantrophy + (subject of your choice’) …’

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