If your life is often been a chaos, or still is, then this is for you. She is the go-to life coach. You will not find models and structures and tests but real life insights that touches your heart and mind. 

She feels there is a special way to lead your live. It’s defined by the choice of your clothes, the way your house is designed inside, your taste, your humor, you self care, the choice of your friends, the sport you do, the way you talk, the way you walk  your life. Everything talks your lifestyle. That’s a lot of luxury to strive for. 

For all of his varied expertise on life coaching, Helena is completely self-taught. After a few years starting her private practice she started to have one young executive and entrepreneur after another.  The real secret to her life coaching success is “…being a part of it myself,” Helena says, That’s what people tend to forget—that it’s really about being in it with your whole body yourself, otherwise you don’t know what you are talking about.”

Creating sucess for you and your family is the one thing that Helena loves. It’s why people want to listen to what she has to say and why clients love having her in their entourage. 

Or as someone has put it: ‘So yes, Helena, matters of the heart. For a listening ear, for advise out of the box, for an honest opinion, for advice on direction, love, progress,… for a nudge, support, a motivational answer, a compliment, for a feeling ‘I can do it’, and that someone really believes in you. For so much confidence that you give others that believe it themselves. For an open view, a clear opinion about your hobby horses that can easily be adopted, for a look into the future. For so much that someone else cannot offer.’