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Her father being an obese entrepreneur….  She didn’t want to become like him. And unconsciencely started her journey to search for alternative ways to built a good quality life in business and in private life.  

Her authoritarian father didn’t gave her any possibilty to do any sports, only the results in school were important. Since she changed at least 10 times school because of the business of her father, she sometimes lost some pieces of the puzzle. That’s how she realized that she was all of a sudain not a standard student anymore. She scored extremely well till the 5th grade. From then on she became an autodidact an listened to wise people that became also her friends. 

She knows what life is as an entrepreneur who has lived with entrepreneurs. She knows where the pitfalls are. 

Helena started her wellness career when she participated in several beauty pageants like miss Belgium. This act of rebeliousness made her want to search for her first trainer (back then personal trainers didn’t exist, besides for celebrities) thanks to her partner who was 20 years older then her and had the body of a Romain God. It was thanks to him that she entered the fitness world. When she noticed a huge injustice in those beauty pageants, she decided to participate in a fitness competition. 

At that very moment she found out that Bodybuilding was the right and only answer for entrepreneurs actually to hàve a life. She had seen her father being always overweight since little, going 7 times a week to restaurants, alcohol, always working 7/7, he being a workholic, liveing the extreme beauty of life with all the negeative points too. She started being an antrepreneur at 15 à 17 years old. 

Because of some medical errors and always being an exception to the rule she had to be very creative when finding for solutions. This is the only reason why she can come up with very interesting solutions when it comes to life’s small and big challenges. 

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